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Abby • 2023 Senior

Oh Abby, you are so darling to me. It's hard to believe she's now graduated from high school. Abby started coming to our home to babysit with her adorable sister Molly - I'm not even sure how long ago. Abby has always been such a giddy, happy girl. Truly happy with the biggest, most contagious smile! When she asked me to photograph her senior portraits, well, I was more than excited. Of course she was a dream to get in front of my lens. Yes, I chose 50 of my favorites to share. There was just no more limiting this amazing gallery! (You can click on them to enlarge and use the arrows to scroll through!)

I also asked her to help me video a senior promo video and you can see that here!

Miss Abby, I know you will do great at whatever you do with your future. You have been such a blessing in our life and we love you! Congrats on graduating High School!

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