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Whew, it's been a while. If I'm being totally honest, writing has never really been my thing. I have SO many thoughts, but for some reason, it's hard to get it down in text form. But, growth never comes from comfort zones. I almost deleted the blog section off of my new site, but I *thought* it could be an amazing space to share more of our life from time-to-time.

So, welcome to my new BLOG. :) I hope to share about all things work - photography, graphic design projects, green living, and maybe even a little about our home life. Aside from being a photographer + graphic designer, I hybrid homeschool our 2nd grader. We made the switch from full time homeschooling a pre-schooler and 2nd grader to joining an amazing Christian School in January part-time. I won't get into that too much now, but it's been just the beautiful change we needed. Until my next round of thoughts force me to write them down...



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