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Our Kiddos | Summer 2023 | Sprinkler Session

It started with an idea... I found the perfect umbrella and told our kiddos we were going to have some fun! Enter one of the most fun core memories we've made! Dad was standing on the side with a sprinkler and I was planted right in front of the cutest babies - just waiting on what their reaction would be. Here's how they reacted... Waiting patiently to see what we're going to do...

Here comes the water!

Exactly what I was hoping for.. the BIGGEST genuine giggles!

And some sweet moments...

I truly haven't laughed this hard in a WHILE! I really wish I'd had set up video, too. We may just have to do this again! If you'd like to do your own sprinkler shoot, I'm sure I can make something work! Just reach out and we'll get together!

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