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The Strable Family • Celina, Ohio

Photographing the Strables was.... FUN! I was so excited when Andrea (mom) inquired about having her family photographed. We actually met through a local homeschool co-op and I was instantly drawn to her and her spirit. She is deeply loving + caring of her children, and, if I might say, deeply protective which I admired. With the way the world is these days, it's been a breath of fresh air to meet momma's with a similar belief system. But, that's another blog post for another day. On to this beautiful family of 5... We photographed this session on the family's country property and just had fun exploring and capturing them together. This is basically the whole session (LOL), but I have no control when it comes to choosing only a few to share. They are all so special! Thank you to the Strables for having me and I hope you were able to choose some for your walls, Andrea! Or, do I need to come over and help?? :)

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