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Evee • Newborn

Newborn sessions are one of my absolute favorites to capture. To some, they may be stressful, but I like to approach the shoot with little expectations, if any. Newborns are unpredictable, right?.. at least last time I checked they were, lol! So, putting stress on ourselves is... silly! A little planning ahead of time can always help, but I like a NO PRESSURE situation. I love to come in and just let it be. Have fun, be cuddly, momma nursing baby if need be, and if we are fortunate enough for baby to be sleepy, I can do a swaddle and a few manipulations. If you are looking for a photographer to pose baby in tight swaddles and lots of different positions and props for the entire shoot, I'm probably not your photographer. I have a simple, 'let-the-baby-be-how-the-baby-wants-to-be', approach. Just natural, in the moment, togetherness photos. I'm here to tell your story, that's my style. To give you a great idea of my styling with a newborn session, enjoy some shots from Miss Evee's newborn session. Her brother Crew was right there for the fun and kept us hopping, and I truly LOVED every minute with the Zerfoss family.

I get asked often if I do milestone sessions after the initial newborn, and the answer is, "OF COURSE I DO." You can find more info on discounted sessions here: BABY'S FIRST YEAR

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