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The Miller Family • New Knoxville, Ohio

I had the pleasure of photographing the awesome Miller family last fall. Nicky is an incredible homeschool momma whom I met through a local co-op. I was so honored when she asked me to capture their growing family on their country property. Nicky and I have become gratefully closer and closer since first knowing each other and we even do some digital marketing together. She has a master's degree in Marketing and it pairs perfectly with my knowledge of graphic design. She's been a dream to work with! If you're interested in those services, hit up the contact page. We'd love to chat with you about growing your own business. Together, JT and Nicky have a super great blended family full of love, and I couldn't have been more blessed to see all of them together for this special time.

Below, you can view many selections from their family photography session...

(Just a little secret, pull up one image and wait on it to full load, then you'll be able to seamlessly click through the rest!)

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