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Free "Summer Task List" Printable

Schooooool's out for the summer! And, with that, comes a schedule change. Sometimes, a stressful one, even. We were so blessed to be able to enroll our children in an incredible Christian School last January, and now that they're out for summer, our whole schedule has changed - again! Time for me to get creative to keep my sanity. :)

For Brock and I, it's important to teach our children work ethic skills early. Sure, we want them to be KIDS and have a carefree summer, but a little help around the house is much needed. It helps us to have a bit of a schedule for the kids, and, it includes rewards!

I put this Summer Task Chart together for my kiddos and thought that I would go ahead and share it with all of you! You can download it here: SUMMER TASK CHART As a family we also put together a SUMMER FUN LIST for outings and things to do this summer, so often, I will be pulling the rewards from that list! A trip to the park, an ice cream run, an adventure with a scavenger list that we do together, a little something from a box of prizes you keep, etc. You can get creative with this and invest as much or as little as you want - all while making it fun and teaching some important lessons! Please share this blog post with other families that could benefit from this chart!

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